Travelling to Bali

traditional balinese

traffic in ubudArriving after midnight to Denpasar (from Manila) a private taxi fetched us at the airport. On the way to Ubud we only seldom saw a car. But in the next day we were shocked: traffic , traffic, traffic.

With the motorbike we tried to find a way on the left of the line of cars… Additional challenge was to drive on the left side (like in Thailand and in Cypros).

Bali is called “the island of Gods”. Nearly every house has its own temple. so there is enough space for the Gods to live 😉

While there is faith

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, cultural processions and praying in the temples, on the streets of Bali you will meet more “headless bandits” – sorry for the bad expression – that are putting in danger your life as a moto driver.

We visited the Monkey Forest and several handcraft factories.