Hidden Family Slavery in the Philippines

The true story of Ann and Tonio

You may not believe, but slavery is so much widespread in the world. One example was brought to me by my friend Ann. She told me a lots of horrifying stories of her young life. Some of these I wish to share to you.

crying and aloneI will call my friend Ann. This is not her real name, but I wish to protect her from the family, that is still doing bad to their relatives.

In the age of 10 years, the mother of Ann decided to find work abroad. Her motivation was, that her children can have a good education. Also her father left and found work abroad. So they let her and her brother Antonio stay in auntie Carda’s home. Antonio was very young by this time, he was only 6 years old. Mother and father chose this place, because they trusted Carda. She is the oldest of the siblings and there was no reason to doubt about the character of auntie Carda.

Carda was a simple home worker without professional education, her husband came from the slumplace, but he was a handsome one. Auntie and uncle had four kids, three girls and one boy. All of them were older than Ann and Antonio.

Auntie Carda had a word that she always repeated: It’s a good training to work here in my house. But the reality was: Brother Antonio and Ann, they got all the big work, the cousins were lazy and they acted like spoilt bosses. What a great thing that they they had now private helpers for their own.

The former playful and happy life of little Ann and her brother Tonio suddenly turned into a dark cloudy and horror life. Living in this aunties house was hell for them. In their young age they had to work hard like a carabao, not really suiting for kids. Their little hands were pressured to work for this evil family.


    • how the children were forced to work (part I)
    • the punishments of the auntie (part II)
    • aunties using the money of the parents (part III)
    • the scars that will always remain (part IV)
    • hidden abuse in aunties house (part V)
    • treating the schoolgirl
    • the forbidden communication with the parents
    • how the neighbours helped her to tell the truth to the parents
    • the returning of the parents after knowing
    • the aunties relation to the truth – until now
    • how her kiddies the cousins adopt the lies of her mom
    • auntie repeating her abusing behaviour with other victims

The hard work of the “adopted” children

One of the work Ann and Tonio had to do, was washing the laundry. The mother of Ann and Tonio sent money for a helper for her two kids. However auntie Carda let this helper work for the whole family and this was too much for the helper. She left after a short time.

As there was no more helper, Ann and Tonio had to do her work:

    • laundry for the whole family by hand
    • ironing a huge hill of clothes of the whole family
    • cleaning in the house and around the house
    • cleaning the toilet and burning the dirty toilet paper of everybody
    • pouring and cleaning the pisspots of auntie and cousin that they used during the night
    • washing the dishes
    • make shiny the used cooking casserole that is full with burned charcoal outside
    • before going to school there was an assigned work to do.

The cousins were mostly excluded from household work.

Her work started before school and, after they returned home, the household work continued.

All of them just added their dirty clothes to the huge amount of laundry clothes Ann had to wash. Even the bloody panties of auntie Carda and lazy Princess the young Ann had to wash by hand. Her wrists started to bleed and she many times worried about infections and was afraid of the next washing.
When cousin Princess ran out of panties, she just “borrowed” the clean ones of Ann

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, without asking, of course. And then she added the dirty panties without any regression to the hill of dirty cloths.

The oldest daughter of Carda was Princess. She was the most lazy of the cousins. Auntie, wo worked at home, as well needed the help of the two children.

As they did not have an own fosset, little Tonio had to go to the common pump to get  water. With two full buckets he returned to fill up the bathtub for the shower of lazy cosin Princess.

The hands of Tonio were black from the charcoal when he went to school. When he had to raise up his hands he was ashamed to show his black palms.

Complainging about the bad behaviour of Princess was useless. Carda did not believe the young Ann. She preferred to trust in her own kids

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, even if they spit out bad lies.

The punishments of the auntie Carda

Two stories I wish to share. When Ann told them to me, I was really shocked. Is it possible that an adult will act like this towards two little kids? Was there no pity in Carda’s soul?

hitting little boy

Carda had an uncontrolled temper. She was easy to get upset. Then she liked to use a stick – it was normally a broom-stick – and she hit hard. She forgot herself while punishing. There was no pity in her.

She also hit Ann. But more painful for her were the moments, when she hit her little brother.

One time brother Tonio was sent to buy rice in the sari-sari-store. The plastic bag however had a hole. When Tonio arrived at home, the bag was half empty. This auntie was so much furious about him, that she hit him until his nose was bleedin and the blood seemed no more to stop.
“My brother will die”, Ann thougt. She was so much afraid and was no more able to stop crying. Even uncle tried to stop this furious Carda.

This is only one moment. But there were many incidents, when auntie hit and aggressed this little boy.

How auntie Carda and her children lived on the money for Ann

The mom and dad of Ann and Tonio sent money for their children every month. It was not much, but enough for their needs as schoolkids.

Auntie Carda was the treasurer of the money in this house.

One word of Carda Ann cannot forget. It was while they were sitting at the table and eating.

The lazy cousin Princess also took the clothes that the mother of Ann sent to her. She adjusted them until they fit her and used them without asking Ann.

Scars that will always remain

When Princess, the cousin of Ann, had visitors, they sometimes asked: Who are the two little kids living in the house with them. Princess answered usually:

“They are our adopted. “

This bad word gave a deep scar in Ann’s soul. Many times Princess repeated it and every time it hurt more.

What a simple mind she has to believe, that a young girl will not grow up remembering all the words that were spit out against her.

Tried abuse in aunties house

A really bad story that Ann told me only recently.

One evening Ann was going to bed early, because she had to get up early in the morning. Several times already she noticed, that her uncle was observing her with strange face. When she was nearly fell asleep, she felt a hand slipping between her legs. Her sudden move let run the man out of the room.

Now she was really afraid. Every night, she wrapped her sexe with the bedsheet, but still she was not able to sleep in her fear. And indeed, the dark aggressor came again and tried to touch her. This time Ann was a bit prepared: with a desperate force Ann hit her legs towards the head of the aggressor. Obviously she stroke him hard and he left the room.

For a long time this horrible moment in the night prevented her to sleep.

Ann told me, that she did not know and don’t know until now, who was doing this to her. Possible are only two men: her cousin that is a teenager and maybe wanted to try a first sexual experience, or her uncle, who was not really satisfied with his hard wife Carda.

But what was really bad: in her lonely life she had nobody, with whom she was able to share her fear. She kept it secret until a few years ago, when she was able to share it to her mother.